Lombardi’s Trophies – Week 3

The “Rock Bottom” Trophy goes to… Ohio State Strength Coach 


Anthony Schlegel has not played football for Ohio State in some time. On Saturday night, he relived his glory days in dramatic fashion.

The former Ohio State and NFL linebacker and current Buckeyes’ strength coach took matters into his own hands when an overzealous OSU fan ran onto the field during the Ohio State-Cincinnati game. Schlegel grabbed the fan and violently put a wrestling finishing move on the guy, throwing him to the ground.

Schlegel’s “tackle” was something out of the glory days of wrestling, mimicking the move “Rock Bottom” perfected by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

When crazed fans run onto the field at sporting events, we love to see the manner in which they’re taken down, whether it be by tripping, tackling, tazing, or with a wrestling move by a former player.

Check out the video, and “Rock Bottom” here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2213025-ohio-state-strength-coach-slams-fan-who-ran-on-the-field-to-the-ground

The “Cheapest Team in Sports” Trophy goes to… Washington Redskins


One of the best parts of going to a sporting event is sitting back and watching your favorite team while sipping on a cold, overpriced beverage of choice. Most likely beer.

Like all NFL fanbases, Washington Redskins fans love this part of the game. Except when the beer being sold at Fedex Field is from the World Cup in Brazil… which happened in June.


Redskins ownership could ensure fresh beer in the stadium? What’s even more egregious is that, upon further review, the beer had expired on June 3…

Really Dan Snyder? Do better.

Hopefully the Redskins will restock their beer supply with fresh cans for next Monday’s game vs. the defending champion Seahawks.

The “Farewell Captains” Award goes to… Derek Jeter and Paul Konerko

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Two baseball legends ended their careers this weekend in New York and Chicago, two of America’s highest profile cities. Legendary Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, and star White Sox firstbaseman Paul Konerko called it quits on Sunday.

Jeter’s retirement has been in the limelight all season, sometimes overshadowing Konerko’s curtain call. As a White Sox fan, it’s been unfortunate to see Paul be looked over like he has. Chicago has shown Konerko so much gratitude over his 16 years in the Windy City, I doubt he cares about the lack of attention.

At the same time, I understand the praise heaped on Jeter. He won five World Series rings, took the Yankees to seven. He has over 3,000 career hits, and is one of the classiest players to play the game of baseball. The attention for Jeter is more than deserved.

Konerko finished his White Sox career with 2,348 games played, 2,340 hits, 439 home runs, and a career slugging percentage of .487. On top of that, six all star appearances, and a World Series championship in 2005.

Both players had their numbers retired by their respective teams. No one in New York will again wear #2, and no one on the South Side of Chicago will wear #14.

Thank you both for the memories.

The “Slick Magician” Trophy goes to… Yankees ball boy


In the midst off all of the baseball retirement hoopla, a Yankees ball boy took matters into his own hands to ensure that he would bring home a piece of history during Derek Jeter’s final home game in Yankee Stadium.

Jeter fouled off a pitch down the third base line, right to the Yankees ball boy who promptly tossed the Jeter ball into the crowd to a fan. But upon further review it can be determined that the ball boy pulled the ole switcheroo and put the Jeter ball into his glove, and tossed a regular ball into the stands.

I see what you did there, kid. I like it.

You have got to do what you gotta do to get your hands on history? I can only imagine him grabbing a regular ball before the game and formulating this dubious plot.

Nevertheless, the Jeter ball on his mantle will make an amazing story for his kids and grandkids.


Lombardi’s Trophies – Week 2

The “Tale of Two Comebacks” Trophies go to… LSU and Arizona

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Two improbable fourth-quarter comebacks, and two Hail Mary tosses thrown from the same spot on the field. One of them intercepted in the endzone, and the other caught for a miraculous game-winning touchdown.

Cal led Arizona 31-13 early in the fourth quarter in a half empty stadium in Tucson. The Wildcats clawed their way back and were down 45-43 with five second left with the ball around midfield. A desperation hail mary throw was miraculously caught by Austin Hill in the back of the endzone surrounded by four Cal defenders.

The Arizona “white out” crowd, at least what was left of it, erupted after the miracle finish. Arizona, behind a 36-point fourth quarter, found a way to beat Cal 49-45.

The other Hail Mary chance of the night was LSU’s. The Tigers fell behind 34-10 to Mississippi State early in the fourth quarter. In front of an empty Tiger Stadium, LSU mounted a late comeback.

A Dak Prescott fumble sandwiched between two Brandon Harris to Malachi Dupre touchdown passes made it 34-29 with two minutes left. LSU used their remaining timeouts and a defensive stand to get the ball back with roughly 20 seconds left.

The Tigers were in Bulldog territory with five seconds left with the chance for one more play. Harris rolled right and threw a pass into the endzone with no time left. A catch by LSU would have completed an unbelievable Tiger comeback. But the ball was picked off by Mississippi State, preserving their 34-29 upset win, and their first in Death Valley since 1991. The Bulldogs were one play away from finishing off one of the worst meltdowns in college football history.

Video of Arizona hail mary: http://www.foxsports.com/college-football/video?vid=331682371859

The “Counting Your Chickens” Trophy goes to… Cal Athletics Marketing


I told you that story so I could tell you this one.

With Cal beating Arizona 31-13 early in the fourth quarter, University of California athletic department thought it was safe enough to email its fans promoting the Bears’ win and offering 25 percent off of Cal headwear.

Harmless, right? Except Cal lost to Arizona after giving up 36 fourth-quarter points and a last second Hail Mary touchdown to lose 49-45.


Hopefully Cal’s marketing team will learn their lesson and not count their wins before the clock hits zero.

The “Luckiest Guy On Earth” Trophy goes to… Jameis Winston


After an alleged public outburst laced with profanity in the FSU student union, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston was suspended for the first half of Florida State’s biggest game of the year vs. Clemson Saturday.

No problem right? One half isn’t a big deal.

Except on Friday night, new details regarding Winston’s outburst in the student union were revealed to Florida State. Head coach Jimbo Fisher, decided to suspend Winston for the entire Clemson game the following day.

The whole narrative of the game shifted towards Sean Maguire making his first career start in the Seminoles’ biggest game of the season. Clemson and FSU went back and forth all night in Tallahassee, eventually being tied at 17 going into overtime. Maguire overcame a shaky start to lead top-ranked FSU to a game-winning touchdown in overtime to win the game 23-17 to avoid the upset.

Could you imagine if #1 Florida State had lost because their star player was suspended for making an inappropriate comment in the student union? Winston dodged a bullet, and has to be smarter going forward.

The “Dad of the Week” Trophy goes to… Yankees foul ball Dad


Every baseball fan’s dream is to catch a foul ball at a game. Catching it from a legend like Derek Jeter would make it that much more special.

On the flip side, every baseball parent’s biggest nightmare is handing the ball to your wide-eyed child and watching them throw the ball back onto the field or over the balcony.

This proud Yankee Dad caught a foul ball from Jeter and quickly posed for a picture with the ball and his daughter. We’ve all seen adults at baseball stadiums hand foul balls to their kids or other youngsters sitting around them. Usually it ends well, with a kid with a new baseball and a smile from ear-to-ear.

Not this time.

Imagine the sheer horror of these two parents as their daughter threw their Jeter foul ball back onto the field. Lucky for this family the Yankees ball boy and a young fan in the first row directed the Jeter ball back up to the family.

This time the Dad did not give the ball to his oldest daughter and made sure to hold it for himself.

Smart man.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…

Video Link here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2205349-little-girl-throws-derek-jeter-foul-ball-back-onto-field

Lombardi’s Trophies – Week 1

The “Could Have Been Better” Trophy goes to… the NFL.


This week was the worst in the history of the National Football League. TMZ released video footage from the elevator where Ray Rice had allegedly punched his then fiance, Janay Palmer, on February 15.

Rice was initially suspended two games by the league after video from the hallway showed him dragging his unconscious fiance out of the elevator. The elevator video released by TMZ showed Rice clearly punching Palmer in the face. The outcry from the media and fans forced the Ravens to terminate their contract with Rice, and the league to subsequently suspend him indefinitely.

The NFL vehemently denied ever seeing the elevator footage before only suspending Rice for two games originally. It did not stop there.
On Tuesday TMZ reported that they had in fact sent the video to the NFL, and that the league had seen it before originally suspending Rice. This report quickly opened domestic violence cover-up allegations against the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell. Calls for Goodell’s resignation began to swirl. This, of course, hangs on if the league actually tried to cover up a potential domestic violence issue with Ray Rice.
After the Rice fiasco, the outcry shifted to Carolina and San Francisco, where Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald were set to play Sunday with domestic violence charges looming. Hardy was found guilty in July for assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend. The 49ers still plan to play McDonald Sunday night against Chicago even though he was arrested on suspected domestic violence on August 31st.
The week from hell for the NFL seemed to be simmering down when star Minnesota Vikings runningback Adrian Peterson turned himself in to Montgomery County police after being indicted on reckless and negligent injury to a child. Peterson was immediately removed from Sunday’s lineup by the Vikings. Peterson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, said in a statement that Peterson’s conduct “involves using a switch to spank his son.” Peterson allegedly removed the leaves from a branch and using it to strike his son. Peterson is expected to appear in court in the coming weeks.
After all of that chaos, the NFL deserves the “Could Have Been Better” Trophy because ANYTHING would have been better than the last seven days.

The “Nicest Guy In The World” Trophy goes to… Vanderbilt DL Adam Butler


The Vanderbilt Commodores have gotten off to a less than desirable start this year. Losing 37-7 to Temple, and 41-3 to Ole Miss in the first two weeks. Things were looking just as bad on Saturday when the ‘Dores went down 14-0 early against Massachusetts. Vanderbilt roared back and took a 34-31 lead late in the fourth quarter. Massachusetts’ kicker Blake Lucas had a chip shot, 29-yard field goal to tie the game with seconds left. A guaranteed make, right? Wrong. Lucas shanked the kick left, and the Minutemen lost.
But as Vanderbilt players celebrated, defensive lineman Adam Butler took a quick moment to hug the heartbroken U-Mass kicker. For showing sportsmanship and empathy, Adam Butler wins the “Nicest Guy In The World” Trophy this week.

Check out the video here: https://vine.co/v/OanIntdQMp2

The “Swiss Cheese” Trophy goes to… the USC defense


The ninth ranked USC Trojans traveled cross country to Beantown to play the Boston College Golden Eagles, a team that has not struck fear in its opponents in recent years. In four meetings between the schools, USC had won each time by a combined score of 116-44. The Trojans would roll this time as well, right? Nope.
Chestnut Hill became upset city as Boston College shocked USC 37-31 for their first win ever against the college football powerhouse. USC had not lost a non-conference game against a team not named Notre Dame since 2002. The Golden Eagles manhandled the USC defense, rushing for an astounding 452 yards in the game.
Boston College quarterback Tyler Murphy was the star, rushing for 191 yards on 13 carries.

Really USC? 452 yards?

That simply cannot happen to a top ten team. For that reason, the USC defense earned the “Swiss Cheese” Trophy. We will see if the Trojans can close up the holes in two weeks vs. Oregon State.

The “Rudy” Trophy goes to… Jerry Neuheisel


Jim Mora was hired in 2012 to replace Rick Neuheisel at UCLA. Kind of awkward considering Neuheisel’s son Jerry was the quarterback for the Bruins. The Mora-Neuheisel situation has been icy from the start considering the circumstances.
It all may have been amended Saturday night after 12th ranked UCLA’s 20-17 road win vs. Texas in Austin. Bruins star quarterback Brett Hundley left the game in the first quarter after injuring his left elbow. Neuheisel stepped in for the rest of the game and never looked back. He threw a game-winning 33-yard touchdown pass with three minutes left to give UCLA the lead, which they would not relinquish.
The redshirt sophomore was carried off the field by his teammates after his heroic entrance and comeback drive in the fourth quarter.
Odds are Hundley will return next week and Neuheisel will be back on the bench as the backup. But for this week only, Jerry Neuheisel is awarded the “Rudy” Trophy for his valiant effort against Texas. Underdogs everywhere, this one’s for you.

The “There’s Always Next Year” Trophy goes to… The Kentucky Wildcats


Kentucky Wildcats football has not beaten the Florida Gators in 27 years. Coming into Saturday’s matchup in Gainesville, some thought it might be the year.
Kentucky kicker Austin MacGinnis nailed a 51-yard field goal to tie the game late in the fourth quarter. The Wildcats scored first in overtime to take a 27-20 lead. Florida responded to tie it at 27. The teams were deadlocked at 30 after kicking field goals in the second OT. In the third overtime, MacGinnis lined up for a 41-yard field goal to give Kentucky the lead… and missed it right. Florida marched down the field, and punched it in on a carry by Matt Jones to win the game 36-30.
A true scare for Florida, and a continuing nightmare for Kentucky football fans. It has now been 28 years since Kentucky last beat Florida. Don’t worry, Cats fans, there’s always next year.