Lombardi’s Trophies – Week 10

The “Pushing the Rules” Trophy goes to… Jameis Winston

#3 Florida State was in another dogfight Saturday, this time against Boston College in Tallahassee. FSU starting quarterback Jameis Winston was trying to get under center to get ready for the next play in the Seminoles’ hurry-up offense.

Except there was one problem, the referee was in Winston’s way. The defending Heisman Trophy winner then did something that stunned viewers, he shoved the referee out of the way.

Bold move by Winston, who was for some reason not penalized for the push.

Mike Pereira, officiating expert from Fox Sports, said he believed Winston should have been ejected from the game, stating:

“Contact with an official can clearly lead to an ejection. Webster was doing his job, which was to hold the snap until the referee cleared him in this situation. Winston clearly pushes him out of the way so he can get the snap off. That’s a foul, folks.”

Well, it’s not the first time Jameis Winston hasn’t been penalized for something…

The “Kid of the Week” Trophy goes to… Oregon O’Hara Catholic High School Student

Second ranked Oregon rolled over Colorado as expected by a score of 44-10 in Eugene. But it was not the actual game that is making headlines, it was Mark Helfrich’s postgame press conference.

A student reporter from O’Hara Catholic High School in Eugene asked Coach Helfrich what he thought Mariota’s NFL Draft status was. According to this future reporter, the three things that the boys talk about in school are, “Jesus, girls, and Marcus Mariota.”

Props to this kid for having the courage to ask that question. He’ll look back on this moment years from now when he’s working at ESPN and laugh with the rest of us.

The “Stereotype of the Week” Trophy goes to… Harvard Kicker

People who go to Harvard are, more often than not, extremely smart.

Extremely smart people always wear glasses, right? Even football players?

In the annual matchup called “The Game” between Harvard and Yale, the Crimson’s senior kicker Andrew Flesher was caught wearing regular glasses while playing, instead of contacts or sports goggles.

Props to Andrew for being himself, and also reinforcing the Ivy League football player stereotype at the same time.

The “Bachelor of the Week” Trophy goes to… JaVale McGee

During friday night’s showdown between the Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Pelicans, Nuggets center JaVale McGee chased down a loose ball on the sidelines and tumbled into the front row seats.

While tangled up with the fans in the front row, McGee pulled a smooth move on a female spectator who was sitting courtside…

I’m sure getting a kiss from a nice young man like McGee made that lady’s night.

The thing that makes this moment even better is the fact that the play was still going on during McGee’s kiss.


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