Lombardi’s Trophies – Week 9

The “Streak Breakers” Trophy goes to… Arkansas Football

It had been over two years since the Arkansas Razorbacks last won a conference football game in the SEC. That all changed Saturday night in Fayetteville as the Hogs “upset” 17th ranked LSU 17-0.

It was Bret Bielema’s first SEC win at Arkansas, and the fans and players celebrated accordingly by rushing the field.

It was Arkansas’ first SEC shutout since 2001, and the first time LSU was shutout since the 2012 BCS Championship Game. Even though the win was over a struggling 7-4 LSU team, two years of futility ended was enough for Razorback fans to storm the field and grab “The Boot” from LSU.

Both teams head into their bye week before big Thanksgiving weekend matchups vs. Texas A&M and Missouri.

The “Good Effort” Trophy goes to… Cold Arkansas fan

During Arkansas’ previously mentioned 17-0 victory over LSU, temperatures in Fayetteville got down to 32 degrees.

Fans on both sides, not used to the frigid conditions, adapted in any way they could with bulky jackets, hats and gloves.

One Arkansas fan was caught struggling more than others. The fan was seen trying to scroll on his smartphone screen only to realize that it does not work with bulky gloves.

To tweet? Or, not to tweet and keep your hands warm? That is the question.

The “Fan of the Week” Trophy goes to… Dennis Doyle

What if I told you that you had to drop your life savings and follow your favorite sports team year round?

New York Knicks fan Dennis Doyle made that decision. Doyle, a lawyer, dropped $20,000 from his savings account to hit the road with his favorite team and attend all 82 regular season games.

Doyle has called it a “quest for self-discovery and a chance to explore his passion.”

Hey, Doyle is a lawyer, and probably has the dough to pull this off. All the power to him, I admit that I am completely jealous. Can I quit school and go follow my team?

The “Warrior of the Week” Trophy goes to… Minnesota Ice Cream Coach

If you thought conditions were bad for LSU in Fayetteville, you should have checked out the ice-cold snowy conditions during the Minnesota-Ohio State game.

But the icy weather didn’t stop a Minnesota coach from enjoying a nice Dove chocolate ice cream bar on the sideline in the middle of the game, and the blizzard.

Twenty degrees and snowing are perfect conditions for a cold snack for cold-blooded snow people in Minnesota. This coach is also a genius because guess what… his ice cream isn’t going to melt in his hand.

In other less important news, #6 Ohio State defeated the 25th ranked Golden Gophers 31-24 to stay in the hunt for the College Football Playoff.


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