Lombardi’s Trophies – Week 8

The “Get Yourself Benched” Trophy goes to… Kaelin Clay, Utah WR

It’s a tale as old as time, especially in college football. An overzealous wide receiver catching a big pass and running it into the end zone for a touchdown… except they drop the ball before actually crossing the plane.

Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay is the latest perpetrator of this egregious celebration tactic.

Early in the second quarter of the Utah-Oregon game, Clay beat the Ducks secondary for a long touchdown catch to put Utah up 14-0. As the Utes’ fans went crazy celebrating the touchdown, Oregon players noticed something no one else had, Clay had dropped the ball prior to scoring.

As Utah players celebrated on one side of the field, Oregon’s defense ran the ball 100 yards in the other direction for a fumble recovery touchdown.

Utah never recovered, and #3 Oregon rolled over #20 Utah 51-27.

In my opinion there’s absolutely no excuse for dropping the ball near the goal line in an attempt to look “cool.”

Also, how about this for a freaky coincidence… Kaelin Clay went to the same high as THIS GUY…

The “Gaining An Edge” Trophy goes to… LSU TE Logan Stokes 

In another classic LSU-Alabama matchup, the two teams were deadlocked late in Death Valley.

LSU’s hero from the Ole Miss game, tight end Logan Stokes decided to take matters into his own hands after a play to gain an advantage on the Tide any way he could.

That’s right. He tried to “pants” Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland. To make matters worse, CBS’ cameras caught the act for all of America to see on national television.

In the game, LSU was once again “pantsed” by the Alabama Crimson Tide, falling 20-13 in overtime. The “9-6 curse” lives on for LSU (Yes, I made that up).

The “Sorority Girl of the Week” Trophy goes to… FSU Delta Gamma Michelle Roque

Yes, I understand that this headline is suggestive… but this is a sports blog, not TFM.

Check out Florida State Delta Gamma flag football player Michelle Roque, whose moves have gone viral all over the internet after leaving the opposing team’s defenders in the dust.


After Jameis Winston leaves Florida State for the NFL Draft after this season, you would think head coach Jimbo Fisher will be in search for another mobile quarterback… maybe toss a scholarship Michelle’s way, coach.

The “Coach of the Week” Trophy goes to… Charlie Strong

Charlie Strong’s first season at Texas has been interesting to say the least. The challenge of rebuilding the Longhorns program has proved to be more than a one year task.

But on Saturday, Texas seemed like the Texas of old with a 33-16 upset win over #24 West Virginia in Austin.

After the game, Longhorn players decided to celebrate the win in the locker room by hoisting their fearless leader into the air and crowd surfing Strong around the room.

Good for Strong, and good for Texas fans. Finally something to cheer about, it has been a long time.


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