Lombardi’s Trophies – Week 6

The “Worst Fanbase of the Week” Trophy goes to… Florida Panthers fans

The Florida Panthers will never be mistaken for a franchise with great potential, or a fanbase with great enthusiasm. Since they went to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1996 it’s been all down hill.

All of those claims were reaffirmed in dramatic fashion Monday night when a whopping seven thousand people showed up to the BB&T Center to watch their Panthers lose 1-0 to the Ottawa Senators.


After the first period the place was nearly empty. Announced attendance was 7,311, the lowest in Panthers franchise history, but the number that actually showed up and stayed was most likely much lower.

This franchise has struggled for much of its existence. It’s not entirely shocking that a cold-weather sport like hockey would struggle in sunny South Beach. But attendance has never been this bad for the Panthers. News like this does not help to stop relocation rumors from spreading.

The “Cold Shoulder” Trophy goes to… USC Athletic Director Pat Haden


After USC’s 28-26 win over #10 Arizona last weekend, former Trojan runningback LenDale White was highly critical of USC defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox on social media.

Fast forward to this week in The Coliseum in Pasadena. White made an appearance on the Trojan sideline to watch his alma mater take on the Colorado Buffaloes. Except he was not welcomed by USC Athletic Director Pat Haden.

According to White’s twitter account, Haden had him escorted out of USC’s stadium by the police.

White proceed to go on a long Twitter rant calling Haden a “coward” and asking USC to fire his “punk ass.” White was a star at USC running alongside former Heisman winner Reggie Bush back in 2006.

The “Trick Play of the Week” Trophy goes to… The St. Louis Rams


To beat a superior team, you need superior play-calling… and some luck.

The Rams faked out the defending champion Seahawks with an amazing play on a punt return. On a Seattle punt, St. Louis returner Tavon Austin drew the attention of Seahawks players and drew them over to the left side of the field acting like he was catching the punt.

But the punt actually went to the right side, where Stedman Bailey caught it and had a wide open run to the endzone after all of Seattle’s coverage team was drawn to the left.


The Rams went on to upset the champs 28-26 after a gutsy fake punt in their own territory late in the game. Kudos to Jeff Fisher for playing to win the game.

The “Do Whatever It Takes To Win” Trophy goes to… Bay Area Radio Stations


San Francisco is usually seen as a very accepting place. Except in regards to one song related to this year’s World Series between their San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals.

In anticipation for Game 1 Tuesday night, a couple of San Francisco radio stations have banned the playing of Lorde’s hit song “Royals” for obvious reasons.

KMBC, KFOG and KOIT have all agreed to temporarily pull the song from their rotation.

Sucks for Lorde fans in San Francisco. But if the Giants can pull out the series in two weeks I think they’ll be able to forgive and forget.


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