Lombardi’s Trophies – Week 5

The “Forgetting What Team You’re On” Trophy goes to… LeBron James

In an exhibition game Saturday between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James made a superb pick on Anderson Varajao to spring Heat guard Norris Cole to the basket.

Except there’s only one problem… LeBron James doesn’t play on Norris Cole’s team anymore.

James, now on the Cleveland Cavaliers, accidentally set a pick on his current teammate Varajao, to inadvertently help his former Miami Heat teammate, Cole.

Maybe James simply forgot that he is no longer wearing a Heat uniform? Or maybe he wishes that he was still playing in Miami?

Even the best basketball player in the world makes mistakes.

The “Boys Have At It” Trophy goes to… NASCAR drivers Matt Kenseth and Brad Keselowski

Tempers flare when everything is on the line in NASCAR’s version of the playoffs. Those tempers boiled over for some drivers after Saturday night’s race in Charlotte, NC.

In the closing laps of the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Brad Keselowski, Denny Hamlin and Matt Kenseth made significant contact. After the race finished, Keselowski tried to crash into Hamlin in retaliation for what happened earlier in the race.

As the cars funneled into pit road, Kenseth had already taken off his helmet and seatbelts when Keselowski rammed into his car from behind in another retaliation attempt.

Hamlin confronted Keselowski in the garage area to “discuss” things, and following that altercation, Kenseth sprinted over to fight Keselowski in-between haulers and initiated a brawl between the two drivers and pit crews.

With all of the news surrounding the dangers of fighting in racing since the Tony Stewart/Kevin Ward sprint car incident a few months ago, it will be interesting to see what kind of penalties NASCAR will dole out to these drivers.

I doubt there will be any additional retaliation attempts next week on the high banks of Talladega Superspeedway.

The “Flop of the Century” goes to… Jamal Adams

During Saturday night’s LSU-Florida game in Gainesville, the Tigers’ Jamie Keehn punted the ball away to Florida’s Andre Debose.

Enter Jamal Adams.

As the ball sailed out of bounds, the LSU true freshman proceeded to get in Debose’s face and talk a little trash. DeBose gave Adams a little smack in the facemask, and the LSU freshman jumped back as if he had been shot.

The theatrics of Adams’ NBA-style flop worked as DeBose was flagged on the play for unsportsmanlike conduct.

LSU went on to win the game 30-27 on a late FG from Colby Delahoussaye.

The “Meanest Fanbase of the Week” Trophy goes to… Oakland Raiders fans

Oakland Raiders fans have never been pegged as one of the nicer fanbases in the NFL. Anytime your colors are black and silver with a pirate mascot and a reputation for perennial futility your fans are going to be a little ruder than normal.

On Sunday, Raiders fans gave the San Diego Chargers a rude welcoming on their drive into the Oakland Colisseum.

They egged the Chargers bus.


Eggs? Really?

Of course, in anticipation of a big divisional matchup, one can understand why Raiders fans wanted to give their overmatched team a slight edge.

Keep it classy, Oakland.


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