Lombardi’s Trophies – Week 4

The “Woman of the Week” Trophy goes to… Katy Perry.

perryweb5s-1-web 1412447565_katy-perry-467

This Saturday ESPN’s College Gameday made its first trip to Oxford and the University of Mississippi. Ole Miss’ infamous “Grove” was the spot for Gameday’s set among a mass of passionate Rebel fans.

Enter Katy Perry.

The former Ole Miss Rebel, now famous singer/pop star, was chosen as the show’s guest picker for the big college football games of the day.

Perry, in only a way she could, made quite a scene while picking her teams. She reveled her love for Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight, brought a bigger pencil to challenge Lee Croso’s, and even took a jab at LSU with a stupid corndog joke. Through it all, Perry was as entertaining as she is during one of her performances.

The real accomplishment for Perry was in regards to what she was actually brought on the show to do, make picks. She was remarkable. She called #12 Mississippi State to upset #6 Texas A&M, and the biggest pick, choosing her Rebels to upset #1 Alabama, which they did in a 23-17 stunner.

After the game, Perry took to social media to troll Alabama head coach Nick Saban, and then took it upon herself to hit the Oxford bar scene following the game.


A Rebel fan caught Perry in her crowd-surfing/beer-chugging moment. Drink it in, Katy, you deserve to celebrate.

Video: https://vine.co/v/OKZVgA3bXwH

The “Ecstasy of Love/Greatest Selfie Ever” Trophy goes to… Ole Miss couple

Keeping things in Oxford, events actually occurred on the football field that did not involve Katy Perry.

The Ole Miss Rebels upset #1 Alabama 23-17 with a fourth quarter comeback led by QB Bo Wallace. As Ole Miss students poured onto the field, one Rebel couple couldn’t contain their emotion.


That’s right. The two decided to have an impromptu celebration makeout session on the field following the big win. Luckily, neither of the mystery lovers were harmed in the taking of this selfie.

Speaking of that, credit to this dude for snapping the photo. It may become a part of Ole Miss folklore in the coming years.

Also, do I spot a diamond ring on that left hand as well? If that’s the case what a great story to tell your kids when they grow up. “Yeah, son, the Rebs knocked off Bama and your Momma and I just kinda felt like kissing. Hotty Toddy!”

The “Blowout Love” Trophy goes to Kyle Allen

Sticking with the theme of love, as 12th-ranked Mississippi State shellacked #6 Texas A&M, Aggies back-up QB Kyle Allen decided to spit some love game with a pretty girl on the A&M sideline.

Props to Allen. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with trying to find a girlfriend on the sidelines of a college football game, especially if you’re a smitten backup quarterback looking for a date.

All we can hope is that Allen got her number and the two are out on the town Saturday in College Station.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 9.41.59 PM

Mississippi State went on to knock off #6 Texas A&M 48-31 in Starkville, capping off an unbelievable day of college football for the state of Mississippi. For the first time EVER, Ole Miss and Mississippi State will both be ranked in the Top 5 at the same time.

The “Too Big for a Nerf Ball” Trophy goes to… Kyrie Irving

Switching gears now to the NBA, or in this case the National Indoor-Basketball League. Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving will have a lot of fun this season tossing alley oops and dunk to LeBron James every night.

Over the weekend Irving had a little fun tossing lobs and dunks with his brothers inside his own house… on a Nerf basketball hoop.

I’m shocked that the hoop stayed on the wall and did not break in half. Must be a nightmare for Cavs fans to watch their star point guard horsing around risking injury.

Maybe he will learn some moves that he can apply this week when the NBA preseason starts up for the Cavaliers.


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